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Defect acknowledgement with Nprinting Engine May 2022 SR2, please READ HERE
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Facing connection issue with one of the Qlik Sense application

Hi All,

I have a Qlik sense application which am trying to connection to NPrinting but am getting an error on - " Installed certificates are valid to connect to Qlik Sense.". 

Have tried connecting to other app in the same steam and able to establish the connection.

Also, have created a copy of the same app for which am facing issue and able to create a connection for the copy app as well.

Had setup the same application in lower environment and it worked without any issue.

Did anyone face similar issue? or anyone has an idea   on what should be looked into to get this issue fixed?


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The only thing which comes to my mind are:

  • section access and possibly some custom security rules.
  • incompatible environment (you are stating that you are using NPrinting May 2021 SR1 which is no longer supported - are you using compatible Qlik sense version for that NPrinting version as documented? )
    • Qlik Sense compatibility

      Qlik NPrinting May 2021 is compatible with the following supported versions of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows:

      Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows version Qlik NPrinting version
      May 2021 May 2021 IR and later
      August 2021 May 2021 SR2 and later
      November 2021 May 2021 SR2 and later
      February 2022 May 2021 SR2 and later
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