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Contributor III

How to provide qlik security for recipient folder in nprinting 16?

Hi, As per requirement, we developed 3 pdf reports for region ,sub region and branch in the nprinting designer 16 which are distribute to common shared drive location with separate folders as per organization hirarchy as below. Region folder> region report                           Sub region folder> sub region report                                                               Branch folder> branch report Here no .of folder will be create for no. Of region individually All org level reports are distribute to common folder structure which is dynamicat only.there is no any static paths mentioned in the region ,sub region, branch folder configuration. Now the question is when particular user open any of the report from shared location then he able to see all data instead of security which is provided in qlikview document. user has access to region1 but not region 2 in qlik side.But he able to see region 2 as well after distributed to shared path location. How do we provide qlikview security for region , subregion and branch folders to avoid access to unrelated nprinting PDF reports from users? Please suggest solution on this.

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you can use system access (folder security) to control which users can access which loclations. I don't see this as a part o NPrinting setup, but rather destination setup.

From NPrinitng end you can use Recipient Folders and SubFolders to controll where reports are sent.



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