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How to set up dynamic filters, scheduling and tasks in NPrinting 16

Hi Guys,


  • I have 5 different excel reports
  • 8 different customers.
  • All 8 customers will get reports they are assigned to.
  • And the report has a customer field 'Cycle' so each customer only gets their data.


  • All 8 customers have different report schedules
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
  • And they should only get their report based on their Reporting Schedule and only contain data for that date range

Report ScheduleDelivery Date
Monthly1st of the month
Twice Monthly

1st of the month

16th of the month


1st Monday of the month

  • Only if the 1st day of the month is a Tuesday or Wednesday)

2nd Monday of the month
3rd Monday of the month
4th Monday of the month
5th Monday of the month (do nothing)
1st day of every month

It is not an easy one but just wanted your opinion / feedback / techniques to achieve this.

Is it even possible that NPringing can run tasks and apply filters based on the above mentioned logic?

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Specialist III
Specialist III

You might trigger jobs for nprinting from QMC based on some condition.

How to Distribute Reports after Successful .qvw Reload on a QlikView Server with Publisher

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Hi Agnivesh,

Thank you for your reply. I forgot to mention in my post that I do not have Publisher.

I only have Qlikview SMB Server.

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I have the same question.

I need to have conditions for task.... how we can do this? Or, which workaround we can make to have something like conditions for tasks?

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Hi All,

I have got a workaround and it is working smooth. Its not as easy to explain here as a comment so I will be uploading a full solution with setp-by-step guide and a video in the fourm over the weekend.

Will post a link here soon so you guys can implement it too.

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Do you resolve this issue on QlikView side or with NPrinting?

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I have resolved my issue with help of collaboration between NPrinting in QlikView + conditions on NPrinting report.

Sorry for disturbing you.

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Its little bit of everything

I have implemented reporting schedule table in the SQL database and a C# code for the primary application.

  • I have added an extra field in the Customer table to record their billing schedule 'Weekly, Twice Monthly or Monthly'
  • I have also created an extra table in the database that records billing date, min date and max date for that billing schedule
  • The c# code executes overnight that checks every order tags them with billing shcedule ID based on when order was created and who is the customer.

Now at the QlikView side.

  • I have created variables vBillingDate, vMinDate and MaxDate
  • This variable values gets set based on the billing Schedule table in the SQL

Now at the NPrinting side.

  • The report job runs every morning at 5 AM but it will only execute if vBillingDate = Date(Today())
  • If Billing Date in the database = Today then Qlikview will set vMinDate and vMax date according to that specific billing schedule
  • and nprinting will apply filter on the reports as dates between vMinDate and vMaxDate.

It sounds very confusing but i will put it on a paper over the weekend.

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I will also share GitHub link for the c# code and you can tweak it based on your data model and requirements

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to myself )))