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Install SSL certificate to NPrinting

Hi all,

I have read the article below:

I have generated the CSR and .cer.

Can i use the .cer to complete the steps of the  link?


Is there any method to install the .cer ?

Best Regards,


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I don't understand that where are the RSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt, RSAAddTrustCA.crt and AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt come from?

Besides that, for the step 2.1 and 2.2,

Add the following settings:

http.sslcert=.\src\\ newsstandproxy\conf[certificate file name]

http.sslkey=.\src\\ newsstandproxy\conf[certificate key]

I found that there are similar code in the file.

Does it mean that i should change the file name instead of adding two new line code?


Best Regards,



Assuming those are not self signed certificates, and that they come from a Certificate Authority, what the help suggest is to include the whole chain within the same PEM file so ti can be resolved successfully and not return an invalid certification warning in the browser.

However, if you are using a self-signed certificate you can skip those steps since you don't have any certification authority chain to follow, but you will get the warning error in the browser.

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How about the private key file?

Where can i generate it? and how?

Many Thanks!


You are already generating the keys when requesting the certificate if you run the openssl commands as in the help site (Installing SSL certificates ‒ Qlik NPrinting) there it is specified where the private key is stored and how to add to the config file, as the request for the certificate creates also the keys (self signed certificate).

If you are using instead a third party certificate authority (the likes of Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, etc.) then you will get that information from them.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @Miguel_Angel_Baeyens ,

I was working on Nov 2019 version and trying to install SSL certificates (from certificate authority).

I did not use OpenSSL to create a certificate request. We have  other way of requesting certificates but not sure how we get .key file using this process. Any idea on how to get .key file?

We have got only 3 certificate files : servercertificate, intermediate and root. 

But here I got confused with the instructions in qlik helpsite mainly between managing keys and certificates and Install qlik nprinting certificates.

In the first link they said to create a NPrinting.public.crt file but did not mention where to use it.

In the second link they said to place NPrinting.crt and  NPrinting.key files in C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\newsstandproxy\ and C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\webconsoleproxy\ and edit app.conf file to use the certificates placed in the same folders. Here don't we need to use intermediate or root certificates??


Please help me with the instructions to follow. Any help would be appreciated.





Contributor III
Contributor III

Never mind..

I figured it out. First I installed 3 certificates and then I created the .pfx file (including private key) using export in mmc and after I just followed the steps in



Contributor II
Contributor II

Dear Team,

Follow solution mentioned below. Don't make it complicated.

Section A for nprinting-console.domain

Part A:

Point 1. Order a CSR file through locally installed IIS (for window servers)

Point 2. Order certificate through your company Certificate Authority

Point 3. When you get Security Certificate (.cer) from Certificate Authority then complete certificate again through IIS and convert it into Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) format

Point 4. Import the certificate into MMC of your Nprinting Server

Part B:

Point 1. Follow article -

Note: if you don't have any OpenSSL configuration on your machine then manage it with any third party tool

Convert .pfx into .crt and .key files with below commands:

Point 1.a. To convert .pfx into .crt
pkcs12 -in <--Path with domain where you have copied pfx-->.pfx -clcerts -nokeys -out <--Any folder or Path with domain where you have copied pfx-->.crt

Point 1.b. To convert .pfx into .key

pkcs12 -in <--Path with domain where you have copied pfx-->.pfx -nocerts -out <--Any folder or Path with domain where you have copied pfx-->.key

rsa -in <--Path where you kept .key file-->.key -out <--Same path where you kept .key file. however it will be overwritten-->.key

Point 2. Copy these .crt and .key files under path C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\webconsoleproxy and restart Nprinting Web service

Result: link like https://nprinting-console.<domain name>:4993/#/dashboard should work

Section B for nprinting-newsstand.domain

Follow same steps from Part A until end. Just keep .crt and .key files under C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\newsstandproxy and restart Nprinting Web service

Result: Link https://nprinting-newsstand.<domain name>:4994/#/reports  should work

Important Note: Check if app.conf under same folders where you are keeping .crt and .key files  is updated with same files name or not.

Thank you. 

Happy Sensing. 🙂


Siddartha Chaudhary