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Creator III
Creator III

NPrinting Designer SR1 2020- problem with a formulas (dates)

Hi experts,

Yesterday I've upgraded Qlik Sense and Qlik Nprinting to a version June 2020. Everything is working regularly, just problems with a formulas. 

Interesting is, that in the same template, for different sheets formula somewhere is working, somewhere doesn't work.


I am using formulas like: date(monthend(today),-1)-1


Error for previewing is: one or more errors are occurred.



When I move these dates (formulas) it is working normal....


How to fix it?



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Creator III
Creator III

I solved this problem by copying table which has a formulas (dates) in a new sheet.

From new sheet normally work...

What is this bug????



This is very strange. The fact that copying the same content on a new worksheet and deleted the old one make the formulas working made me the suspect that there were something wrong on the original template.

If it happens again, please open a support ticket. To understand if it is a bug we must be able to reproduce it.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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