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Contributor III
Contributor III

NPrinting over-writing all chart format settings


This has been driving me bonkers.  I didn't want to burden the community with this question but I have tried 100 things and cant get this to work.  I have basically 6 charts (pivot tables).  I am setting up an NPrinting report in EXCEL, with one chart per tab, and then having the final product distributed as a PDF.


Everything is straightforward and smooth EXCEPT the pesky formatting of the charts.  Despite having all 6 of my charts properly formatted in Qlikview (numbers right justified, dimension labels left justified on the left, and all my column headers centered like i want).... when they get distributed through Nprinting the resulting PDF is a formatting mess.  THe first 4 charts are right justified for numbers correctly, but charts 5 and 6 are left justified, ALL MY COLUMN LABELS are left justified and look awful, and despite every setting in Excel and NPrinting I have tried to "KEEP QLIK FORMATTING", it doesnt work.


is this a bug with NPrinting? or am i doing something wrong?  I have "keep source formatting" already checked everywhere 

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Try creating your objects using native Excel charts.