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Specialist II

Nprinting Recipient List

We currently distribute several NPrinting reports via email using an excel list of the recipients that includes a filter for their name as either the Project Manager or Program Manager. It also groups them by Program (e.g. A, B, C). The reports are distributed by Program and Project Manager. The Program Managers receive a version of the reports for all projects in their respective program.

The process to maintain this file seems too manual and tedious. If a new project is added with a new Project Manager, for example, we would have to know about it or run a query before the reports run to manually add the person to the recipient list.

I'm wondering how other people handle maintaining their recipient lists and if you have any suggestions for me.



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A suggestion I would make would be to store the recipient info in a QlikView table and use that for the recipient import. You would have to add to your QV load script to pull in this data from wherever it is currently stored, but this would automate the updated data into QlikView for starters.

From there, schedule a recipient import using the QV object (How to Import Recipients from QlikView Documents - Features Track – Customer Feedback for Vizubi). This should avoid any querying that is needed with the Excel file.

Specialist II
Specialist II

Thanks, but how would the program and associated groups be assigned?


As part of the import file, assign a group name (Project or Program Manager) to each entry. Also create a column(s) for their associated groups as a filter for NPrinting. Then when you create the report task, use a recipient group rather than individual recipients.

Everyone in the import file as a Program Manager would receive the report with their specific associated groups.

Having them imported with a group that matches a recipient group for the task means that any updates to the import file will automatically be applied to the task. This cannot be automated for individual recipients for the task.

See this document for setting recipient groups in an import: Filter Syntax, Parameters, and Options for Importing Recipients – Customer Feedback for Vizubi

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What I have discovered is that when imprting recipients from either another QlikView object or external file, the key is to have each user associated to a group, and have the group associated to the task.  This way, whenever users get updated (added or deleted) a by-product is the group being updated, which is what is assigned as the recipient for the task.

If you do not assign recipients to groups and have each recipient assigned in the task, then you will always be manually updting the recipients at the task level