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Contributor II
Contributor II

Nprinting filtering and email problems

Hello, good morning everyone
I have encountered a problem regarding Nprinting that I hope you can help me with.
I have already generated the report I just have to create the task and ready, but the issue is that when you run the task, filter by a field, and when filtered generate a pdf and send to a particular email, then filter by another value of the same field above and send but to another email, without generating different tasks or connections is there any way to do it, because I will have about 200 user with email, and I can not do 200 tasks for some filters or 200 for others. I want to simplify the task.
I hope you have understood the doubt, please it is of vital importance.

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This subject is frequently discussed on community so i suggest to search community for existing answers. In short what you are trying to achieve you can do in NPrinting by using user filters:

Once you go through documentation you will be able to create below workflow:

  • Run import task which will
    • import /create your 200 users
    • import/ create your 200 filters
    • associate users with filters so each user will have their own filter 
    • import/create group for user distribution - this will allow you to add group in your publish task instead of all individual users
    • associate group and users - by doing this you will be able to control which users are included in the group
    • associate role to user - each user must have a role associated or it will not receive report
  • In your publish task put a group as recipient 
  • Run publish task
    • this will run it for every user in the group and apply respective filters


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I suggest you to start by reading and test the Getting Started part of the official help site because it explains exactly your question and Qlik NPrinting requires training to be used.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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