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Creator III
Creator III

Number format not matching with existing Qliksense straighttable details

Hi Qlik Experts,

I am facing one problem, i.e. I am creating a table in Nprinting Excel report template using straight table created in the QlikSense sheet,

But there is problem occurring in Number format, PFA for more details of Error in Number format i.e. Number for mat for the Below columns are occurring in the Exponential format;

please give me important reply to solve this problem.,

regards & Thanks in advance.,


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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


You have choosen in your Qlik Sense application will to round your numbers with 2 number behind the decimal (standard formats).

  You can or over rule the numbers by change the calculation in your sense app with a round function or use in your Excel the cell format function Choose number and the format you want.