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Qlik Fix: Slow MetaData Reload with NPrinting

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This video is part of the Qlik Fix Video series. If you found this video useful, check out the other Qlik Fix Videos.

This video explains how to resolve an extremely slow reload of metadata or reload failures. This is an issue with NPrinting 17.3 / November 2017 / February 2018.

Here is a link to more information in the Support Knowledge Base:


Attached is a downloadable .mp4 video file for those who cannot view YouTube videos.


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This is fixed in April 2018 (released one years ago):

Large bookmark file sizes caused performance degrade
Jira issue ID: OP-4261
Large bookmark files caused performance degrades. QlikView documents took a long time to open or
close. Starting from this version, Qlik NPrinting removes temporary bookmarks from the file. In case of
navigator crashes, the InfoText part is compressed, and there is a limitation to a maximum of 256

So the solution is to upgrade the installation to April 2018 or a newer version (now February 2019).

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Best Regards,
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Further to Ruggero's comment, I suggest upgrading specifically to NP Feb. 2019 SR 1 or later versions to leverage many bug fixes and performance enhancements.
See the accompanying NPrinting Product release notes for each version of NPrinting to view corresponding bug fixes, performance enhancement and limitations.
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