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Qlik Nprinting connection to Qlik Sense - Cache status stuck on "Generating"

Hi all,

I'm (trying to) evaluate Qlik Nprinting. I've got a Qlik Sense production server (3.2.0) running since a long time, and a few days ago I followed the following guide to set up Qlik Nprinting (17.3):  Installing Qlik NPrinting ‒ Qlik NPrinting

All services are working fine, and I followed Creating connections ‒ Qlik NPrinting to connect to my Sense app, created by the same account as I've setup and created everything in Nprinting with. I've exported the certificates from my Sense server and installed them, using the "QmcCertificatesInstaller". There's no firewall between the two servers, and I've disabled the Windows Firewall just to make sure none of my rules are messed up.

The Qlik Sense app I'm trying to get the Qlik Nprinting Connection to work against is based on a 100kb .csv, and consist of a single pie chart. I've been waiting for 3 days for the Qlik Nprinting Connection Cache to finish. I've restarted all the services, and the server several times and recreated the Connection.

I've reinstalled Qlik Nprinting and made sure I followed the guides fully. Since the Cache status is stuck on "Generating", no errors are logged anywhere in "C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\Logs". The latest entry in the logs are:

nprinting_webengine.txt: "

Qlik.NPrinting.Repo17.3.0.0Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.DataConnectionService20170509T110952.816+02:00INFONPRINTINGLABNprintingService009cabf2ac-b5c0-4ad5-a18b-e8a8d82c129db8eb3144-6835-4f11-82b0-a626f10abf3e0000Reload metadata task b8eb3144-6835-4f11-82b0-a626f10abf3e sent to queue


nprinting_engine: "

Qlik.NPrinting.Engine17.3.0.0Qlik.NPrinting.Engine.EngineService20170509T101202.180+02:00INFONPRINTINGLAB00000000Slave Engine Service started successfully


The engine is running according to Admin > Engine manager

I'm running out of both ideas and time, hopefully there's a helpful soul out there!

I guess the final thing I can mention is that both the Sense and Nprinting server is running Windows Server 2016, I guess that's not too common yet.

Best regards,

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also - regarding restart & connection

once connection task was started with wrond parameters it wasn't killed and it was in "stale" mode.

restart killed the old stale one and started new one with the correct settings.



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Hey again,

Yes, I quickly noticed the version was a bit old. Thanks for the information regarding the "stale" mode. I've got everything setup just how I want it now! Thanks again!! /M

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