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Contributor II
Contributor II

Regarding Task Status

Dear Community,

Im facing one issue in Qlik nprinting ,I have created  one variable in qlikview 

vLastUpdate =IF(DATE(FLOOR(ReloadTime()))=TODAY(),1,0) if the report reloaded today then i want to trigger the task in nprinting i have added condition there, So my issue is Report is not going if qlik application not reloaded today ,but the task status it is showing 'Completed' not  'Failed 'even the condition fails how task status it is showing 'Completed' .

please anyone add a solution how my task needs to show fail when condition fails on qlik nprinting.


Thanks & Regards

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How do you define the variable? 

Do you define it in the script like this?

Let vLastUpdate =IF(DATE(FLOOR(ReloadTime()))=TODAY(),1,0);

Please note that the reloadtime() returns the reload time of the last successfull reload. When used inbthe script that implies the reloadtime of the previous run and not the current. Consider replacing reloadtime() with now(), like this:

Let vLastUpdate =IF(FLOOR(Now())=TODAY(),1,0)

Contributor II
Contributor II

Actually Vegar I'm Creating Varaible in the front end and im giving it in the qlik nprinting Condition  so i'm adding that condition in Nprinting Tasks  ,So My Scenario is in 3rd pic you can see Condition failed and Npriting Report also didn't sent to users but still the task status it is showing 100% Completed ?? ho'w to get when application didn't ran on qlik view nprinting task also need to fail..