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Partner - Master II
Partner - Master II

Sending email to users in CC

Got an nprinting task that is supposed to send emails to a list of users
what I want is that from that list of users in the Destination tab to send directly i.e. I put them in the TO list useing the predefined vairable User_Email_Address and I want the remaining user to have their email address in the CC list
how can I accomplish this?

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There is not a feature to create subgroups of users added in the Users/Groups tab. You could create two Qlik Sense or QlikView variables one with the list of users in the TO and another for the ones in CC.

Another alternative is to fill the Alternate Email 1 in the Distribution tab of the users for the TO and fill the Alternate Email 2 for the users in CC and configure the email as follow:


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Best Regards,
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