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View email address associated with Nprinting user

When creating publishing tasks in Nprinting (with developer but not admin rights), is there any way of seeing the email address associated with a particular Nprinting user? For example, if a user has been added as John Smith, is there any way for me to see whether the underlying email address is   or  , without contacting the admin team?


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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

No there is no way to preview email from publish task user view, but...

This is the reason we have role based security in NPrinting. You can create a role which will allow developers to access (for example 'read only') user profiles and assign that role to people who need this kind of access. The same Developers will not have full admin rights, but they will be able to see user record if this is what you need. If requirement is different please provide more details.

all details on: 

or directly:


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