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Creator III
Creator III

nPrinting - Test appearing on charts

So I was on nPrinting 16.5 upgraded to 18.1, had issues so rolled back.

Now when I run 16.5, I get TEST appearing on all my charts on my reports.

I can see it when nPrinting opens the Qlikview Desktop and the charts have TEST behind them all in the background.

How do you remove the TEST from the background.


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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

The TEST watermark appears when you open documents running on QlikView server with TEST license via QVP connection.

It is a default behavior and cannot be changed. When you connect your NPrinting to Production running "Enterprise License/Small Business License" server the TEST watermark will disappear from all charts.

"QlikView Test Server QlikView Test Server is a server license that provides an environment separate from production to use for data validation, application testing, and preparation/migration of QlikView documents to new versions and/or releases of QlikView. QlikView Test Server comes in two editions, QlikView EE Test Server and QlikView SBE Test Server, both of which have the same features and limitations as the corresponding production servers. In addition, the watermark “Test” is superimposed on all charts and added to all object captions. Note: There is no license lease from QlikView Test Server"




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