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Animate anything with the Qlik GeoAnalytics Animator

Some of you may have already tried the animator tool that comes with Qlik GeoAnalytics.  The extension allows you to easily animate data in a map.  The algorithm for the animator is pretty straight-forward – charts and tables are visually updated as the animator progresses through each data point within a selected dimension.  You have the option to aggregate the data while the Animator progresses.  You can also animate in a continuous loop.

For example, you could animate the appearance of new stores on a map according to their opening date. Assuming there was a dimension like StoreOpenDate, new store locations would appear on a map as the Animator steps through each date in the StoreOpenDate dimension.

The Animator is already available in Qlik GeoAnalytics for Qlik Sense.  With the release of Qlik GeoAnalytics November 2017, the animator tool is also now available in Qlik GeoAnalytics for QlikView.

But did you know that the Qlik GeoAnalytics Animator can be used with any chart, not just a map?  Bar charts, histograms and tree maps can come to life.  And the dimension used by the Animator doesn’t have to be a time-based variable. So in addition to months, dates or hours, you could animate according to season, product code, account type, age span, etc.

Tip – If you want to minimize the visual jumpiness of a chart as the animation progresses, define the min and max of the Y axis to set values instead of Auto Range.

The tool is fairly simple to use.  Here’s a short example:

Video Link : 5747

More details about the Qlik GeoAnalytics Animator can be found in the Qlik online help here

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I am facing an issue with animator. The control is not visible always. Like sometimes I need to refresh the browser for the animator control to be available