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As part of our ongoing SaaS product roadmap, we are excited to announce the launch of Qlik Sense Business, our newest SaaS offering designed to help groups and teams collaborate on analytics and make faster data-driven decisions.

Is this the same as Qlik Sense Cloud Business?

No, and it’s not just a name change, either. Qlik Sense Business is a new, enhanced offering with more capabilities that groups and teams can use to build and share apps for greater discoveries.
Qlik Sense Business runs on Qlik Cloud Services, our cloud-native, Kubernetes-based SaaS platform that also hosts Qlik Sense Enterprise.  Qlik Sense Business users will now benefit from the same speed, performance, and availability as our enterprise SaaS users. Additionally, Qlik Sense Business also shares the same enhanced and redesigned user interface, cloud hub, and management console as Qlik Sense Enterprise on Qlik Cloud Services.

Qlik Sense Business users benefit from:

•  Full Qlik Sense analytics capabilities, including the Associative Engine
•  All of Qlik’s latest augmented intelligence capabilities, including insight suggestions
•  Drag-and-drop app creation and fully interactive apps
•  A personal space to create your own content and share with anyone you wish
•  Five shared spaces where your team members can do-develop and share apps
•  Direct data connectivity to over 40 data sources
•  Automated data refreshes

The global roll out of Qlik Sense Business is underway. Be one of the first by to start your 30-day trial now. You will be able to create your tenant in minutes, and begin creating and sharing apps immediately – all without any downloads or installations. 

Currently a Qlik Sense Cloud Business user?

Stay tuned for upcoming details next months. We’ll tell you how you can migrate from Qlik Sense Cloud Business and subscribe to Qlik Sense Business. You’ll also be eligible for a limited-time offer savings when you migrate your existing cloud subscription.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I didn't receive any emails to this prior - except for the notification in the cloud server. I current use qlik sense desktop (free version) - currently in the process of purchasing the enterprise version, however in the time being I would like to continue using on my local rather than the cloud. This morning since the desktop version has ceased to work coming up with the error. 

I am now on the 30 day trial for sense business - however, I am finding it difficult to find informtion on keeping qlik sense desktop. I found this link, however, it states desktop version was to ceased in June, not January. 


Many thanks,

@Amberj_29 there was a bug that effected Qlik Sense Desktop authentication which has been resolved. Please try again to use Qlik Sense Desktop and see if you are still having issues.
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Guys sorry to copy all of you in this situation... Unfortunately I call the Qlik Urgent Support phone number that you have for Colombia with no answer and I need to understand the situation and try to create some solution from whats happening

@Vinay_Kapoor , @Bastien_Laugiero , @Wlad_Masi , @BrettBleess ,  @Henric_Cronström , @Miguel_Angel_Baeyens , @Ruggero_Piccoli , @LeviTurner 

I been having trouble with the Drop Box Connector and with the Store function when is been used with the DropBox Connector / Connection.

On the first part the images and situation regarding the connection, on the second part the images and the description that I´m having with the store function when I used it with dropbox.

First Part: 

Drop Box Connection Not Working / Very Inestable


Since a couple of days a connection to drop box is not working, it do not allow me to get some files, store other files and constantly I have to refresh the bowser to make the "connection work". 

Also I have this connections / apps to refresh automatically and I asume that this error is enabling this procedure

On the next images what happen in a time space no greater than 5 minutes:


Captura de Pantalla 2020-01-14 a la(s) 10.20.30 a. m..pngCaptura de Pantalla 2020-01-14 a la(s) 10.19.35 a. m..png



Second Part:

QSB Store Function Note Working

Hi to all!!

Since 2 or 3 days the store function stop working... It simply do not do anything....

On the next lines the code, the info up loads correctly but do not download´s into Dropbox. Any ideas?


LIB CONNECT TO 'Dropbox - alejandro@inflexion.com.co';



FROM [lib://Dropbox - alejandro@inflexion.com.co/Zona K/Archivos Automaticos/Fotos.csv]
(txt, utf8, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);

Store [Photos] into [lib://Dropbox - alejandro@inflexion.com.co/Zona K/Archivos Automaticos/Fotos.csv] (txt);

And the connection works well:


@holguinmora I will raise this with our team to investigate.  I strongly recommend you open a support case via the link below so you are directly kept up to date.  Apologies the phone method was unsuccessful.




The comments on this post have evolved way beyond just comment around the announcement of Qlik Sense Business.  Therefore we are going to turn off the comment so it is easier to keep track of discussion treads.  If you would like to create a post regarding Qlik Sense Business please use the appropriate Qlik Product forum.

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@Josh_Good  hi

I also try to do so, but with my user and licence is not possible to create a case or the system is having trouble validating the users Id and permits....

To be honest is hard to try to help you with day by day situations...