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Spring has sprung, and the April Product Releases are here!

April is an exciting time at Qlik as we build momentum towards Qonnections 2019 next month, and later this quarter the kick off to the global Qlik Analytics Tour.  These awesome events are the perfect opportunity to showcase Qlik Sense April 2019, which is now available here: Customer Download Site (only customers and partners have access).


     Qlik Sense April 2019 sets us apart from the competition with significant advancements to our multi-cloud capabilities and the introduction of our new market leading AI offering,  Associative Insights. This release continues to support our position as a leader in the market and the only BI & Analytics solution that supports the diverse needs of customers looking to execute their cloud strategy and push the boundaries with Augmented Intelligence.


Check out the live What's New Demo app


Learn what's new in this brief video:


To begin, Qlik Sense April 2019 introduces a new Enterprise SaaS deployment option, running on our multi-cloud Kubernetes architecture and giving our enterprise customers more flexibility and choice on where they deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise. This new capability allows users to consume, create and reload apps directly on Qlik’s hosted SsaaS cloud environment, Qlik Cloud Services, and also allows them to deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise in their own public or private cloud infrastructure using Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes. No matter which deployment option(s) you choose, you get all of the benefits of Qlik Sense Enterprise. All deployment options for Qlik Sense Enterprise – including Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows – work cohesively as part of a multi-cloud deployment framework.


You will also find in this release the much-anticipated augmented intelligence capability - Associative Insights.   This unique and powerful new feature combines our associative and cognitive engines to suggest hidden insights in data for users to explore.  Our Associative Engine uniquely identifies the data values that are unrelated to your selections, and our Cognitive engine can now analyze those unrelated values and reveal the most significant insights that might have been overlooked.  Associative insights, provides users with peripheral vision, and prompts them to ask additional questions to bring about new, and potentially transformative, discoveries across data sets.


With this release, we are also including several new QlikView features, making it easier for our QlikView customers to adopt Qlik Sense for dual-use.  This includes a new unified licensing capability, which allows organizations to unlock both QlikView and Qlik Sense with a single license key, and integrated links to QlikView apps from select Qlik Sense environments.  Providing a central hub for users to access both QlikView and Qlik Sense apps. These features make it possible for organizations using QlikView to add Qlik Sense and take advantage of our latest innovations.QVtoQS.PNGWe continue to add new and improved visualizations and mapping capabilities, such as:

  • Bullet chart - great for tracking goals and showing targets combined with color banding to depict your defined ranges in a clear and organized fashion

  • New Bar & Area chart  – a variant of the standard bar chart giving more flexibility when applying labels to stacked bar charts, showing percentage differences or showing dimension values on the bars.VizBundle.PNG

And, our native map chart now has a new background layer that can use any image as a map background. This is great when using custom drawings that require GPS coordinates to analyze specific dimensions –  specifically things such as: floor plans/space layouts, hardware positioning, parking grids, stadium seating, transit routes, and much more.

 We have also released a new iOS app - Qlik Sense Mobile for Blackberry client, which is a containerized version of Qlik Sense Mobile supporting advanced management and security for BYOD (bring your own device) environments. MobileforBlackberry.PNG

We have added new task notifications to Qlik NPrinting, allowing greater efficiency for administration as well as extended Qlik Associative Big Data Index functionality with additional "live" mode aggregation options in a KPI object, e.g. sum/min/max/avg. As mentioned, all of this content, and much more, will be featured at Qonnections, which is just a month away! 

The more you understand about what’s possible with our platform, the more you and your organization can benefit from it. Register now for our May 29 Qlik Insider session for a live, exclusive look at the Qlik April 2019 release, including the newest features and extensions to our platform.

Please download the latest product releases from our customer downloads site and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Hi Guys - I will attempt to reply to every comment / question in this one - sorry for the delay as we were all prepping and attending Qonnections.

  1. RE: Release notes - they are available here: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/April2019/Content/Sense_Helpsites/WhatsNew/What-is-new-Apr2019.htm - and I do see the features mentioned. Is there another set of release notes that is being referred to?

  2.  There is a demo app of all the features - it is in a rolling app that contains both current and past releases - it is available here: https://demos.qlik.com/qliksense - on the main page: https://demos.qlik.com/qliksense/WhatsNew  - as for being downloaded - I am not sure if they make that available - but I could check.

  3. Qlik Sense Cloud Business - next release should be around the summer time-frame. Stay tuned.

  4. RE: .mp4 - yes - I used to do this but had some space limitations - I will update this post with the attached .mp4 of the embedded video.

  5.  RE: Unified Licensing - in short - 1 license for both Qlik Sense and QlikView environments. We have some new materials in the work on this so stay tuned.

  6. RE: Suspected Bug - please report bugs to support here: https://support.qlik.com/  and click Contact in the menu above.

Thanks guys - please let us know how else we can help.


Mike Tarallo



In regards to the Unified Licensing - we are holding a Qlik Insider Webinar that will cover this, you can sign up here: https://go.qlik.com/QlikInsider.html?sourceID1=QlikHelp



Installed the new version of Qliksense and after few days of learning - it looks good...


You can argue about the bundles - It is nice but lacks standardization. The main problem for me (and after some conversations with few of my colleges) is that it seem like Qlik is trying to push forward on the expense of some really basic thing that are still missing. Here are some examples:

  • Pivot table - Can't sort column just by clicking on it (like in straight table) -Basic. Can't add or remove Dim's without Edit or complicated manipulations.
  • No Background color for Objects or Object Title's or footers, no object frame, no color to table header.
  • No Master Item Repository
  • No "Sub Folders" for streams (really needed in the Work Stream)
  • No simple way to configure alerts in case of task failure.
  • No way to find out who is online and connected right now.

The Improvement process of Qliksense is really noticeable. I just hope that Qlik won't leave those issues (and some others) behind



Hi @Michael_Tarallo , it's possible to provide the download from the demo App of the What's new April 2019?

Usually the qvf it's available on YouTube.




Kindly introduce "Copy cell Value to clipboard" in Table box. Which is a beatiful one in Qv and missed in Qs

can you share the qvf please