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We are thrilled to announce our August cloud release, which includes the launch of Qlik DataTransfer, an exciting new capability included in Qlik Sense Business and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS that allows users to securely push on-premises data to the cloud for analysis. The August release also includes enhancements to support user onboarding and data literacy, tenant insights, improved scheduling features, and the launch of Qik Sense Enterprise SaaS on AWS Marketplace.

Let's get started, here are some details on what we are most excited about with the August release. 


Qlik DataTransfer

Many organizations are moving analytics to the cloud but have valuable, business-critical on-premises data they can’t leave behind.  We have a solution for this and are excited to introduce Qlik DataTransfer - a lightweight utility that is included cloud editions of Qlik Sense and securely pushes your on-premises data and local files to the cloud. It empowers users to get started quickly in the cloud and access, analyze and explore the full scope of their data.

Users can transfer on-premises data to the cloud without any inbound traffic, and securely send all data to Qlik Sense Business and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. Functionality is simple – select the data you want to transfer and let Qlik DataTransfer do the rest. It will optimize the data for transfer and land it where you need it. And, you can ensure you’re always viewing the most up to date data in Qlik Sense by setting Qlik DataTransfer to refresh data on a set schedule or monitor data for changes.


...you can access the full transcript, here


Analyzer App and Data Reload Improvements

Additional new features in the August release provide more visibility into tenant usage and optimization and provide enhanced capabilities for data reload schedules.

The new Analyzer App, available and supported through Qlik Community, will allow Qlik administrators to efficiently gain insights out of their tenants leveraging app metadata. The App Analyzer provides a comprehensive dashboard to analyze application metadata across a Qlik Sense tenant, providing developers and administrators with a holistic view of the makeup and integrity of all applications. This includes granular level detail about application data models and memory allocation including base RAM, peak reload RAM, field/table RAM, more.     Get it here! 

Additionally, the Qlik Sense hub has also been updated with more robust improvements to its current scheduler experience, with capabilities such as more granular selection of start time (down to five-minute intervals), ability to select start and end date, easily accessible reload history, and more.

 ...you can access the full transcript, here

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS on AWS Marketplace

And finally, we are pleased to announce that Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS will be available via AWS Marketplace private offers beginning this week.  For businesses, this is a great opportunity to leverage the dedicated AWS budget to invest in Qlik Sense, unlocking more flexibility for onboarding and accelerating time to insights.


There is much more to learn about with this release, make sure to register for "Do More with Qlik" and become a Qlik Insider.  


Qlik DataTransfer is a game changer in the SaaS world. Can't wait to give it a try out! Well done Qlik 💚


Qlik DataTransfer sounds great, but there are coming many questions:

- Is it included on the SaaS license? If not, what is the license price?

- Is it installed On Premise or is it Saas too?

- Does it works on windows, linux... ?

Best regards.


Id presume its includes with the SaaS tenant subscription cost @julian_rodriguez.

According to the help file, it's a Windows only application, which you would install on your network, alongside your onprem data sources I.e. file share, SQL database etc


Contributor II
Contributor II

@julian_rodriguez To install Qlik Data Transfer: 

This demistifies a little bit: 
- Has to be installed on prem - preferably on the same system as your on-prem data sources. 
- Needs a new API key from SaaS tenant every 3 months.

This is a great addition to the Qlik SaaS offering.
Another way to work around this is for organizations to push their on-prem data sources to a cloud environment first; e.g. Excel files to GoogleDoc. Then let QS connect to GDoc directly. Of course for on-prem SQLServer this would not be feasible; that's where Qlik Data Transfer really comes in handy.

MS has a similar tool on their Power Automate platform; to import on-prem data towards their cloud for ETL processing/reporting.

Creator II
Creator II

Is there a complete list of the release changes available? While it is great to see these inclusions highlighted, it would be useful to know ALL the changes.  I've noticed a few differences in the UI that I guess are related to this release.  That way you get a heads up about anything you might need to check would have broken / changed before users complain.


Hi Guys - since this forum page does not allow me to respond individually to each thread - I will reply to all here:

Carl - thank you! Let us know how you do.

Julian - Yes it is free and included with Qlik Sense Business and SaaS Enterprise
It is installed on premise as an agent utility and communicates via end points and secure tokens to your SaaS environment.
At the moment it is a windows tool I am not sure if there will be a linux version.

Carl / Ron - thanks for answering as well and  reading the doc and sharing your findings.

Squeakie - our release notes usually will contain these when a new release is made - release notes are usually located in PDF form where you download the software from qlik.com. 

I'm here to help - please let us know if you have any other questions.