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Changing the Game with Qlik Sense November 2018!

 Qlik Sense November 2018 has arrived and brings new capabilities that will get you excited! Amongst other things, these enhancements include the introduction of machine learning, new advanced authoring capabilities to better support comparative analysis and guided analytics use cases, and improved visualization and mapping features!   


We are thrilled that Qlik Sense November 2018 is ready for the masses!   This release introduces a game-changing Augmented Intelligence (AI) capability – cognitive machine learning.   Qlik is the first in the market to offer precedent-based learning capabilities, allowing our Cognitive Engine to be trained and get “smarter” over time based on user behavior and feedback, Qlik Sense artifacts, business rule definitions, and other sources.  Our innovation doesn’t stop there, as additional data sources and customization options will soon be added to provide even richer insights.  We have also enhanced the Insight Advisor with light authoring capabilities, giving users greater flexibly and control to customize insight suggestions.  Our innovation in AI has only begun, and we will continue to transform the way users interact with machine intelligence to discover insights in coming releases.


Beyond AI, we’re excited to deliver additional high-value capabilities like the introduction of comparative analysis into Qlik Sense. Like QlikView, users will now be able to define alternate states and then make selections to compare subsets of data. Comparative analysis allows users to easily compare multiple groups of values to quickly spot similarities, differences, overlaps, and outliers.  Users can take advantage of associative exploration for interactive, user-driven comparison.  Unlike query-based tools which pre-define sets, users can make interactive selections to define subsets of data for each group they want to compare, and then evaluate them across multiple visualizations or together in a single chart.  This capability unlocks a whole new set of use cases to do complex comparative analysis in Qlik Sense.  




To accelerate the release cadence of new Advanced Authoring capabilities, we’re introducing extension bundling, allowing customers to take advantage of third-party extensions that are packaged and supported by Qlik.  The first – our Dashboard bundle – includes 6 of the most popular extensions from Qlik Branch, supporting advanced application authoring.   Included in this bundle are:


  • Date Range Picker- allowing users to quickly and easily select dates and ranges
  • Navigation Button– now users can quickly navigate to sheets, stories and websites; and trigger actions like selections and set variables
  • On-demand printing– generation of Nprinting reports is now possible from the app!
  • Tabbed container– ability to switch between visualizations with tabs
  • Show/hide container– similar to the tabbed container, but now with show conditions
  • Variable Input Object– now users can set values with buttons, dropdowns, sliders and input boxes



This bundle, and future extension bundles will allow us to bring highly requested features to the market at a much faster pace!


Other important advanced authoring capabilities to not miss in this release include exposed set analysis, making it easier for developers to create expressions with the correct set analysis syntax, along with set expression improvements in the Expression Editor dialog.    You will also find Qlik Sense field settings allowing developers to enable the "always one selected value" for a particular field.  The ability to always have one selected value can be used in applications that require better control for conditions in expressions, localization requirements (e.g. different languages for labels), and other guided analytics use cases that could benefit from a single value being allowed as a selection.


As part of our ongoing efforts to enable digital transformations for our customers through collaboration, we are adding advanced collaboration and insight management capabilities to our multi-cloud offering - this release brings Insight Sharing.  It is now possible to allow users to share links that bring the recipient back to a specific analytic selection – a simple way to share insights across the organization.


Finally, we’ve further enhanced to our visualization capabilities.  First, you will find an improved, multi-dimensional pie chart which allows a second measure to be depicted along the perimeter, which enables new chart types, such as a rose chart.





We have also added a visualization layer to our map object, allowing pie and bar charts to be overlaid on top of maps to illustrate the distribution of values geographically.




Expect more in this area with a planned visualization extension bundle on the roadmap!


As always, improvements have been made around accessibility, stability and performance - Qlik Sense November 2018 will not disappoint!  Take the time to view "What's New in Qlik Sense November 2018"     



Valued Contributor

Many awaited features are now available.


New Contributor III

Will the extention bundles be available in the Qlik Sens Mobile app? And will it be available in the Qlik Cloud Business Teams?

New Contributor II

Great required features. Especially liked what Qlik did to Pie charts. 

Are there any considerations of the following?

1. Export scroll able tables and charts as PDF 

2. Easier way to add Color Schemes  to charts / possibility of a legend in case of custom color expression. 

3. Can the Insight Advisor suggest charts using the custom extensions? 

Paarth Sanghavi

New Contributor III

Yes great all and great improvements

But first of all we need to manage the export problem about scrollable tables: export pdf or storytelling are very limited without multipage print.



New Contributor III
Good job, thank you. Is it planned to implement the functionality of copying cell values to clipboard in the near future ?