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Getting More Connected in the Cloud

We are excited to be closing in on the first year of Qlik Sense Cloud Business!

One of the main areas of focus this year for our customers and cloud development team has been the addition of a broader range of data connectivity options within Qlik Sense Cloud Business. Recently, you may have noticed the addition of direct data connectivity to the following applications:

  • Bit.ly
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Pages (expanded tables, including LikesforItem, CommentsforItem, and CommentsandReplies)
  • Google Analytics (expanded tables, including MetaDataColumns, CustomMetrics, CustomDimensions, and Goals)
  • MailChimp
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Slack
  • SugarCRM
  • SurveyMonkey

Using the New Connectors

Configuration and authentication for these newest connectors is similar to the processes for existing web connectors – after entering your basic account information for the various cloud applications, you can access an authentication code to establish the connection. Look for the new connectors in the data load editor, under Qlik Web Connectors:

cloud blog 1.png

Connectors in Qlik Sense Cloud Business

These new additions help bring more of the core Qlik Sense experience to Qlik Sense Cloud Business.  Qlik’s Associative Difference empowers users to easily connect to business-critical data and immediately benefit from the ease of exploring multiple data sources together, at once. That’s why we’ve ramped up connectivity to both cloud and on-premises sources, as well as more flexible options like REST, web files, and Dropbox (coming soon!). The full list of connectivity included in a Qlik Sense Cloud Business subscription now looks like this:

cloud blog 2.png

This recent release of connectors means that Qlik Sense Cloud Business now includes direct connectivity to the three of the market-leading CRM applications, so you can easily dive deeper into customer, sales and marketing data. Interested in creating a CRM dashboard or app? Head over to our demo site and explore the CRM demo app, as well as some other tips and tricks for getting the most out of your CRM data.

More Qlik Sense Cloud Business highlights:

  • 30 Day Trial - The free trial period for Qlik Sense Cloud Business is now 30 days. If you have been interested in learning more about Qlik Sense or experimenting with cloud analytics, take advantage of the extended free trial period to create and share apps. Go to qlik.com/cloud to create a Cloud Basic subscription, then upgrade in-product.
  • Customer Story - Curious about how other organizations use Qlik Sense Cloud? Hear from Wayne Printy, CFO, LincolnHealth - a Qlik Sense Cloud Know It All!
  • Learn More - Our Cloud Success Team is always ready to help you get the most of your Qlik Sense Cloud Business subscription. Sign up to attend a live, interactive webinar with the team to get your questions answered and learn more.