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Meet the New Kid on the Block, Qlik Core is here!

We are excited to introduce Qlik Core to the market after our recent beta testing.  Qlik Core is a set of components that allows software developers to easily integrate and scale the power of Qlik’s Associative Engine for their own software and platform projects.


The why.


It all started with the release of QlikView 10 when we introduced the ability for software developers to build their own set of objects that could be used within a QlikView document. This opened the door to a new audience of software developers, enabling them to extend Qlik’s platform. 

When we designed Qlik Sense we took it a step further. We gave software developers even more possibilities. The idea was to allow users the ability to tap into the Associative Engine directly and extend every aspect of the platform. This allowed developers to create new data driven experiences on top of the Qlik Sense platform bringing it to new heights than we never could have imagined.


Now the time has come to push the boundaries even further!


The what.


With Qlik Core we are scaling back even further and are allowing software developers to consume the Qlik Associative Engine with minimal amount of dependencies. Allowing the developer to craft a data driven experience that is 100% their own while we get out of the way.

Qlik Core consists of the Qlik Associative Engine packaged up as a Docker image running in a UNIX container and various, optional, libraries to help speed up the development cycle.

With this, we also deliver additional tools and services to allow developers to easily orchestrate and scale usage of Qlik Core inside of their own software projects.




And you can! Qlik Core is free to use for development and testing purposes where no licenses are needed to get started. Qlik Branch Playground allows developers to experience the power of Qlik Core for free by running their data through the Qlik Associative Engine to quickly explore, create, share and test their application ideas — right in their browser.


Head over to our Qlik Core site for more information or visit our getting started guides to experience the full power of Qlik’s Associative Engine.