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The December 2020 release of the Qlik Web Connectors package is now available to download!  This new package includes new features and API performance improvements. 

General improvements include sorting of connectors in alphabetical order, a ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button at the top of the script page, and connectors defined as disabled are now excluded from the list, and a lot more including:


  • Azure Storage – added support for sub directories
  • Facebook Insights – default values for start and end date parameters
  • Google Analytics – improved behavior of max-results parameter
  • Office 365 SharePoint – added 'Sub Site Path' as a parameter to the SiteUsers table
  • Twitter – new strategy for converting the JSON API response to XML
  • No connectors have beta status, but all are fully supported

The following connector APIs have been updated to provide improvements in various features as well as performance, and in most cases, there are changes in columns available:

  • Facebooks Fan Pages
  • Facebooks Insights
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Drive & Spreadsheets
  • Mailbox IMAP
  • Mailbox POP3
  • SMTP
  • Strava
  • SugarCRM

You can find significant details called out in the release notes, and via links to particular API documentation on the Qlik Connectors Help.

Five connectors have also been replaced because the API to the sources have been updated, and the changes were so extensive that it wasn’t possible to modify the existing connectors. The affected connectors are:

  • AYLIEN News
  • Bitly
  • OneDrive
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have already released a new version for each of these connectors with the suffix V2, see more details in this blog.

On the technical side, the Web Connectors now requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 (previously 4.5.2). Furthermore, the TLS version is no longer necessary to set in the code, and HSTS support has been added as an option (in deploy.config).

Finally, be aware that there are some extra things you need to do when upgrading to this version. See the upgrade section in the release notes for more details. Since there are some security improvements, you may also need to reauthenticate in the browser when using the new version for the first time.

The new release package and the release notes are available from the Qlik download site.