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Do you desire more advanced visualizations with Qlik Sense or require greater mobile support with reliable security measures to expand your mobile workforce?   Do you want to leave the data where it is and perform amazingly quick data exploration on your largest data sets? What about enterprise class reporting with comprehensive administrative controls?


The wait is over …  Qlik Sense February 2019 has arrived!   That’s right – the latest version of Qlik Sense is now live, and it is packed with new features that will not disappoint and will likely start some buzz in the market!   To add to the excitement, beyond Qlik Sense, you can also get your hands on Qlik NPrinting enhancements and the open availability of Qlik Associative Big Data Index. There’s so much to get you caught up on, let’s jump right in and review some of the highlights!


To begin, following the success of the Dashboard Bundle released in November, the February 2019 release includes our next exciting extension bundle, the Visualization Bundle.    This bundle includes seven of the most popular visualization extensions from our open source community.    Below you will find detail on the new advanced chart types that are now available:   


  •  Funnel chart – to show progression of a measure through stages
  • Sankey chart – displays a measure as a flow and how the measure is divided into categories in one or more stages
  • Radar chart – shows a measure spread on a polar chart with two category dimensions, one for the axes and one for areas
  • Heat Map – shows a matrix of color values with two dimensions and a measure
  • Multi KPI object – shows measures with more options and customizations than the standard KPI object
  • Word Cloud – highlights the most common occurrences in the text dimensions
  • Network chart – visualizes a graph with dimensions for nodes, parents and measures




These additional chart types dramatically improve how our customers can visualize data.  You can look forward to more exciting advancements throughout the year around our extension bundle strategy.


Beyond visualizations, we have made usability enhancements to the Qlik Sense UI to provide a more fluid and natural user experience, using a tabbed metaphor across data, analytics and storytelling.     This change will enable fast time to insights with fewer clicks.







We continue to focus on the needs of our customers specific to enriching their authoring experience, and with this, we have added new advanced authoring features.  A new addition to the Dashboard Extension Bundle, the Share Button, allows sharing of insights via a direct link that can be added to the canvas.   Also, we have added new dollar sign expansion functionality to the expression editor allowing users to evaluate the results of calculations, which reduces the chances of a syntax error.    


This release also includes several advancements in the mobile space, as we continue to empower the mobile workforce and drive our market leading mobile strategy.  The Qlik Sense February 2019 release includes Qlik Sense Mobile app availability for Android devices and new support for mashups.  We have also expanded EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) capabilities with support for Microsoft InTune – one of the fastest growing EMM platforms in the market.     We are leading the pack in mobile threat detection security, now with new Zimperium integration.   




While this release is packed with some great new Mobile advancements, this is only the beginning, as this release sets the foundation to drive our ongoing mobile strategy and future roadmap.


Let’s switch gears and talk about some highly requested features and quality improvements for several of our value-added products. Let’s start with Qlik NPrinting.     February 2019 provides several highly sought-after features that have been added to Qlik NPrinting, including image scaling for Qlik Sense analytics, support for variables in emails, and FIPS compatibility – making Qlik NPrinting more capable of supporting a wide range of customer requirements and use cases.



Lastly, we are proud to deliver quality improvements across the board to ensure Qlik NPrinting meets the needs of your enterprise reporting requirements.


Finally, we are thrilled to roll out the open GA of our Qlik Associative Big Data Index. Now all our customers can take advantage of this product and embrace any size data set to gain more insights across the organization. This value-added product unlocks the value of large data sets and delivers the Qlik Associative Engine to the biggest data repositories - now you can freely explore and analyze without limits. What’s even more impressive is that the Qlik Associative Big Data Index provides a governed, scalable, high-performance associative experience that can be deployed within sources such as Hadoop-based data lakes, eliminating the need to transfer and prepare the data elsewhere before it can be analyzed. With this, we are confident that big data is simply data to Qlik.  Watch this video to learn more about the Qlik Associative Big Data Index

We are off to an exciting year here at Qlik!   Subscribe to our blogs and stay informed!



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Will the Visualization Bundle be able to be installed independently? We have Nov 2018 installed (including the Dashboard bundle). We are not quite ready to do a full environment upgrade, but would like to add the Visualization Bundle. 


Hi Millerhm - thanks for your question. At this time - it is part of the February 2018 release. However if you want to experiment with some of these visualizations - they may still be available as independent extensions on Qlik Branch, now known as the Garden - https://developer.qlik.com/garden - for example searching for Funnel yield this one https://developer.qlik.com/garden/5788249cdd42cf18d2312a01 created by Stefan Walther, a Qlik Employee. You can install extensions individually in the the Qlik Sense Enterprise Management Console. Let me know if you need more assistance.


Mike T



Thanks for the reply, Mike - we already have many of these installed from Branch/Garden - the benefit to us of the Bundle is that they're "certified" and fully supported and I would rather our users use this version than the unsupported one. As feedback, while the bundles are a great addition, I suspect others would find value in them being independently installable as well, as most enterprise organizations are not able to install every single new build when it comes out, but these would add pretty immediate value with very little regression testing needed.


The Big Data Index is very disappointing, especially after the 2017 and 2018 qonnexion demos.... The big advantage of this solution is the live mode, but where are the graphics ?


Hi @millerhm, as a workaround you can install Sense Desktop locally, zip the extensions and import them to QMC.


Hi Paul - 

I will have our PM reply as soon as he is able.


Mike T