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The Qlik April 2020 product release accelerates the path to success for our customers, delivering significant improvements across Qlik's product portfolio. This release is our first synchronized release across the Data Integration and Data Analytics product platforms.

Summary - 5 min

Feature Demonstration - 20 min

We are also excited to announce overall improvements to Qlik’s Data Analytics Platform and supporting product offerings. The Qlik April 2020 Data Analytics Platform release includes product packaging changes, increasing the ease and choice for our customers when investing in Qlik. The new Qlik Sense Enterprise SasS offering helps our customers simplify management and lower the total cost of ownership when selecting our SaaS only enterprise option.  


Furthermore, the Data Analytics product release supports the launch of Qlik’s Analytics Modernization Program, which gives QlikView customers better low-cost options to adopt Qlik Sense. Specifically, the April release of QlikView April will allow customers to automate the publishing of QlikView apps to the Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS hub – which makes it far easier for our customers to consume both products side-by-side.


We continue to enhance our SaaS onboarding experience to help our customers get started with Qlik Sense quickly and easily. We now offer new tools and resources in our cloud hub to guide users through Qlik Sense adoption and help them accelerate time to insights.

The following in-product resources are now available:

  • A Qlik Sense quick-start tutorial video with sample data
  • Sample Qlik Sense apps available immediately from the cloud hub
  • User enhancements to the following features to get you from data to insights in an instant:
  • Drag and Drop data into Hub
  • Analyze with Insight Adviser
  • Add charts to your sheets

For more help with Qlik Sense product onboarding go to https://help.qlik.com/en-US/onboarding


We are very excited about the many new and improved visualization and dashboarding capabilities to start, such as:

  • Organizational Chart​ Displays cards in a hierarchy, for organizations ​
  • Relative Modifiers (Percentages)​ - An easy way to display the percentage of total from a measure​
  • Sheet Triggers​ - Add actions to trigger when opening a sheet


 Pivot Table Improvements:

  • Save layout state​
  • Sort by the first measure ​
  • Search by link label​
  • First column freeze


 And some additional Visualization and Dashboarding Improvements:

  • New KPI font options, including fixed, fluid, and responsive​
  • Number formatting options in the map chart for color and size by measure​
  • Increased limit of items on point and area map layers (to 50,000)​
  • Option to exclude Qlik logo on map charts​
  • Option to exclude default measures in custom tooltips


 It doesn’t stop there, as we have made user experience implements with global navigations, added many more connectors and also are delivering new and improved ways to share and manage content across the data analytics platform.   

As part of our end-to-end platform offering delivering data to insights, this release includes new Qlik Data Catalyst capabilities delivering expanded publishing capabilities in QVD format and extended data delivery capabilities into Qlik Cloud Services.

And Finally, we have improved the email distribution capabilities for Qlik NPrinting with the ability to distribute email reports to recipients based on user-specific lists of emails, or Qlik Variables containing email lists derived from QlikView or Qlik Sense connections.  

Be sure to register for Qlik Insider to get more detail on all aspects of the April 2020 Qlik product release.



fantastic news & very good new stuff (triggers & actions) 😊😃😁

Thanks to Michael for another cool video!



Thanks Martin - please let us know if we can answer any questions. 🙂

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you for the release! How long I managed to use external extensions to get similar behavior to triggers.
And finally it's included into release. Relative Modifiers makes me happy as well + Improvements for Pivot Table.
That's great it becomes more and more flexible with each new release.  



Creator II
Creator II

Fantastic news about the Relative Modifier.  Still holding out for the full suite of web connectors and decent scheduling options in Saas. Hopefully they are not to far away on the roadmap.  


Sound and look very good and we are planning to upgrade in the near future but...

After reading some release notes and watching the videos I still haven't found any news about a part of QLIKSENSE which is... for us... left way behind, and I'm talking about the QMC and the management overall.

Just 2 examples:
1. We have some complicated load processes which involves many tasks. Administrating them now is hell. We switch to QLIK from SAP BW and SAP BO. Much inferior products in many aspects but when it comes to loading data it was paradise: Tasks, Sub-tasks, folders to organize them, chart to understand the flaw, E-mail Messages in case of task failure etc. In the QMC, I have to settle for TAGS...
2. We have over a thousand unused user sheets we need to delete. No way to do it in a mass deletion. Your official Documentation sends us to use API's... Come on...

It seems that QLIK is putting all of its resource to the analytics and neglects the system management. For us it's very disappointing. QLIKSENSE should have much more modern and advances tool.








I can totally agree on that.

Maybe it make sense to copy your post in the new idea section, so that we can "like" your idea there?

Best regards