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My friend and colleague Adam Mayer gives us an update on the recent workflow improvements we have made in the November 2020 release of our Data Integration Platform.

November 2020 - Data Integration Platform - Qlik Replicate and Qlik Catalog

We’ve now added the ability to automate the cataloging of Qlik Replicate CDC Streaming tasks, helping you streamline your workflows and save time. From this release of Qlik Replicate and Enterprise Manager, you can now automatically register target datasets in Qlik Catalog which will always be kept up-to-date in real time via CDC allow you to leverage Qlik Catalog's powerful capabilities and ensure your business can gain insights from the latest data and take appropriate action.  Take a few mins to watch my video to see it in action.

Qlik Replicate to Qlik Catalog

About Adam Mayer:

EVENTO QLIK_78 (Small).JPGAdam joined Qlik in 2016 and is a Senior Manager of Technical Product Marketing, responsible for many marketing activities involving our Data Integration platform.  With a strong technical background in computing, spanning over 20 years, underpinned by an incisive engineering perspective, Adam is an avid follower of new technology and holds a deep fascination with IoT, particularly on the data streaming and analytics side, and loves finding new ways to make it as translatable, visual and understandable to as many people as possible.