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Qlik Sense Cloud Business's New Look

If you already logged into Qlik Sense Cloud today, you may have noticed things look a little different. Do not panic – all of your content and group configuration remains the same. The new look simply makes it even easier to collaborate and share – two of the things users enjoy most about Qlik Sense Cloud.

Qlik Sense Cloud Basic and Qlik Sense Cloud Business enable individuals, groups, and teams to work together and share data, app, and insights. As more users share their personal content and become owners of and contributors to multiple work groups, they have many different content streams to monitor and manage. We designed this “context switch” to help you easily navigate all of your content and understand where you are at all times.

Use the new drop down menu in the top left corner to select which space you’d like to access – your Qlik Sense Cloud Basic personal space, or a Qlik Sense Cloud Business group space. This single feature will help you:

  • Create more distinction between personal streams and workspace streams
  • Easily access your personal space, and personal streams others are sharing with you
  • Access workspaces you manage, and Qlik Sense Cloud Business streams you can view

Watch Mike Tarallo's short video to learn how to navigate the new layout and get oriented in no time:

Additional Connectivity Updates

We’ve also added several new data connectors in the last couple of weeks, so you have additional options for connecting to on-premise and cloud data sources. The new connectors include: Oracle, PostGreSQL, Google Big Query, Klout, GitHub, Google Search Console, Google AdSense,  and Google Calendar.

Interested in learning more? Register here to watch an on-demand webinar and see an in-depth demo of Qlik Sense Cloud Business.

Valued Contributor III

Congratulations on the progress!

When are you planning to allow section access in Qlik Sense Cloud? This security feature is essential in most of the projects.




Hi Juan,

Qlik Sense Cloud Business is intended for groups and teams that do not require more advanced governance capabilities like section access.  If you are finding you need more capabilities then you should consider Qlik Sense Enterprise.



Valued Contributor II

Hi Juan

Ive got around this limitation by copying Apps. I know its not ideal but it works OK. This customer can't afford (or doesn't want to pay) at this time cloud enterprise. And I just like the simplicity of Qlik Cloud Business as a starter for a smallish business.

I have just set up a master app so its easy to change as required. Loading from QVDs. And the client will buy more work-spaces if more streams are required. I know it wouldn't work for large Apps or copying a large number but then cloud business is not really for this.

Regarding these changes  . A big improvement.