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Due to COVID-19, we’re experiencing a massive shift in the way work is done – from home. BYOD has become the norm, rather than the exception. One of the coolest features of Qlik Sense is its responsive design. Instead of having to test and adjust dashboards separately for different screen sizes including mobile devices, you want to rely on a product that does the hard work for you.

Responsive design automatically and intelligently adjusts visualizations to the device you’re using. This is particularly important when mobile is widely-used within your organization. Responsive design can boost your productivity in numerous app development and consumption scenarios. It’s more than just mobile, optimizing for all screens and adjusting to monitors of all sizes, with different aspect ratios, or when creating a custom sized window when multi-tasking. In a recent survey of former QlikView-only customers who adopted Qlik Sense, 70% ranked mobile capabilities extremely important or important factors in choosing a modern BI solution.

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With responsive design, users have the freedom to work in and across all environments and screen sizes without constraint, and designers need not be concerned with ensuring their content will render correctly on all devices. Apps can be built and consumed anywhere.

As a mobile analytics solution, Qlik Sense actually analyzes data, while most other BI and visualization tools only provide relatively static, pre-defined views to mobile devices. Qlik Sense does not restrict exploration and analysis on mobile devices in any way. It delivers your analytics directly to the point of decision. All features: visualization, analysis, creation, collaboration, and administration are available anywhere. Through Qlik Sense responsive design, smart visualizations are arranged on an adaptive grid, adjusting to the display’s form factor. Adjustments include:

  • Re-sizing charts
  • Re-scaling level of data detail
  • Optimizing visual representations themselves


Additionally, Qlik Sense has a native mobile app to allow users to consume their dashboards even if they are fully offline and disconnected from any network. Once a user has downloaded a dashboard to their mobile device, they have access to all the features, including search and full interactivity offered by the Qlik Associative Engine. The best part is that you will always operate within the governance boundary defined by your organization, even when offline. This is true self-service.

No matter the device, Qlik Sense delivers a completely optimized experience. Try Qlik Sense Business, with new functionality that allows you to upload and consume QlikView documents from a single hub.