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Qlik and SAP Connectivity

You may not be aware that Qlik has a long-standing integration and partnership with SAP. Qlik have delivered and maintained connectivity to SAP ERP and BW for in excess of 10 years.

As SAP have evolved, Qlik has evolved, and maintained our position in providing connectivity as far back as R/3 to ECC and now to S4/HANA. In just the last 12 months we have expanded our SAP connectivity for Qlik Sense to also include the Extractor connector, the Bapi Connector and a brand new InfoProvider connector, which takes many of the complexities away from what was once a long and complex task of connecting directly to an Info Cube or MultiProvider. Today, we offer SAP Connectors that work directly with:

  • SAP Reports
  • SAP Queries
  • SAP Extractors
  • BEx Queries
  • DSO/ODS Objects
  • BAPI
  • SQL
  • OLAP
  • Multi-providers
  • Infocubes
  • Relational tables
  • HANA views
  • CDS views

We continue to invest more than ever in our SAP connectivity, with a vision to bring governed and easy to use connectivity to as many SAP objects and platforms as possible. And working directly with SAP and certifying our connectors ensures that we go through a rigorous certification process with SAP, and that data access through the SAP application layer retains all security that is managed through the SAP system.

SAP certification logos.png

Outside of ERP and BW connectivity, the SAP in Memory platform HANA is a fundamental part of our development and testing cycle. We have made enhancements to the core of our products, the Qlik Associative engine, to not only support connectivity to HANA views, including Attribute, Analytical, Calculation and Source tables, but to be able to do that through Single Sign On. This will allow one to retain security defined within HANA itself through a shared connection within Qlik Sense.

Our vision is to continue to provide simple access to what can be complex data sources and structures in a self-service capacity. Maximizing your SAP investment should be as simple as connecting to any other data source.

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Thank you


Hi and thank you for this info.

I have very good experience with Qlik SAP Connector from multiple projects and always recommend it as the best way to get data from SAP.

I would just like to clarify one thing - even though there is an ODBC connector for HANA available I suppose that it will still remain to be highly beneficial for Qlik users to connect to their HANA with the Qlik SAP Connector > is this correct?

Does the SAP Connector for CDS views support CDS views in ABAP, CDS views in HANA or both?