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IMPORTANT security patches for GeoAnalytics Server available to download: READ DETAILS

Qlik Sense May 2022 Client Managed is available for download!     You will find many enhancements recently added to Qlik Cloud, now available in Qlik Sense client-managed spanning from Augmented analytics to visualizations, connectivity, and platform management.   Download here.

Learn about all the great new capabilities in our Client-Managed Qlik Sense offering:


Augmented Analytics

Now offering Business Logic – allowing users to define the default grain for a calendar period, such as on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis. When users create behaviors such as default calendar periods, they can now specify whether to use or ignore the grain for a particular analysis, providing more advanced fine-grain controls.


New Visualization & Dashboarding capabilities

The May 2022 release of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows includes several data visualization features that were previously released in Qlik Sense SaaS. With this release, we have expanded the variety of and added flexibility to your data visualization options based on user feedback.  Our new scatter plot allows you to add regression lines, including average, linear, exponential, logarithmic; and second, third, and fourth polynomial. Regression line color and type can be set, and vertical or horizontal fit can be specified. Next, our updated, more flexible variable UI surfaces all variable elements, including name, description, value, and tags; and allows you to add search, and duplicate variables. The addition of background colors and icons in the KPI object provides more ways for you to customize Qlik Sense, as you wish. Additional capabilities and enhancements like buttons and coloring options have been added to various areas, improving usability and convenience, while adding clarity, speeding time to insight, and expediting data-driven decision making. Finally, to help with your transition to SaaS, we have enacted a 12-month grace period for GeoAnalytics extensions in Qlik Cloud. Following the grace period, you can use the map chart, which is faster, easier to use, prints better, and includes more features.


Expanded Connectivity

To start, the Qlik Web Storage Provider Connectors are now available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows in the same way as in Qlik Sense SaaS. The corresponding metadata connectors are also integrated, without the need for Qlik Web Connectors separately installed. These connectors allow you to connect to file-based data stored on a web storage provider, either by browsing for folders and files directly in the UI, or via the separate metadata connectors listing the structures and objects in tables. The web storage provider platforms supported are Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Office 365 Sharepoint, and OneDrive.

Also, the Oracle Connector in Sense SaaS now provides additional security capabilities with support for the upload of an Oracle Wallet file. An Oracle Wallet holds authentication credentials, private keys, certificates, etc., and thus enables organizations to easily enforce security rules based on defined user privileges contained in an Oracle Wallet. The Oracle Connector can now access Oracle via a TLS encrypted communication channel.


Platform enhancements:

Includes new capabilities to make your App Distribution from Qlik Sense Client Managed to a Qlik Sense SaaS Tenant even more robust and scalable.  Introducing a new Task type -> Distribution Task Re-Distribute an App with Data only if the Data blob has been updated


Hybrid Use Case Improvements

On top of releasing capabilities to further improve our Hybrid use cases, we released a new installation tool to help you upgrade your PostgreSQL Database as part of your Qlik Sense Client Managed installation. For the consumer-driven use cases, we released the ability to add favorites in the hub. Administrators will benefit from an improvement in the Management Console which makes it easier for them to globally replace extensions (and/or upgrade existing extensions). 


To access this build: Download here

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