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What's new in the April Release...


As seen in the Product Keynote during Qonnections, the Qlik Sense April 2018 release has exciting new improvements to Qlik Sense Enterprise, Qlik Sense Cloud, Qlik DataMarket, and Qlik Nprinting!


As part of these improvements, the release offers Accelerated Self-Service, which is a collection of features powered by the new Qlik Cognitive Engine, aimed at streamlining and enhancing the creation experience from data to insights. Now providing a new augmented experience in the first few minutes of analysis, including cognitive AI suggestions and redesigned workflows that facilitate and automate the data loading and visualization process. This includes smart capabilities around chart recommendations, and simplified workflows for loading data and building analytics.  Qlik now automatically understands what type of fields are being dragged onto the screen.  For example, if you drag on a measure, the values will be summed and displayed as a KPI; and if you add a dimension the visualization will automatically change to a recommended optimal chart based on the data within the added fields.  These new features allow users to quickly gain insights rather than building charts. The release also includes improvements to accessibility, along with the new capability for self-service publishing in the Qlik Sense Hub – all of which support our commitment to Accelerated Self-Service!




The April 2018 release also provides more customizations, like improvements to theming, layout options, along with grid size control and custom abbreviations. Several other enhancements have been made including a new add on product for geocoding and a new multi-layer map object based on the Qlik GeoAnalytics technology. This supports dynamic lookups and shapes, and includes more background maps and projections.




For the Qlik Sense Mobile app for iOS, we are expanding Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) support, with AirWatch per-app VPN support. This allows enterprise administrators to manage Qlik Sense Mobile deployments and secure network traffic through corporate firewalls. 


In the Qlik NPrinting April 2018 release we have added SAML authentication, and have made improvements to the stability of Qlik Sense chart rendering. Further improvements have been made to the Qlik NPrinting filtering system for enhanced error monitoring capabilities.


For Qlik Sense Cloud, we have added the same capabilities as detailed above around accelerated self-service, improved customizations and multi-layer map objects.  Additionally, we have made UI and navigation enhancements to the Cloud hub which makes it even easier to collaborate and share, as well as adding the ability to download charts as images or PDFs and export data from charts.  We have expanded our data connectivity capabilities, including connectors for Oracle and PostgreSQL and a variety of new web/cloud connectors bringing us to over 31 Qlik Web Connectors! 


Lastly, in Qlik DataMarket, we have delivered two additional healthcare data packages, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) and Social Determinants of Health. 


For more information on the April 2018 release, head to Qlik’s “What’s new” page!