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Thank you for your interest in submitting ideas for the Qlik product portfolio (“Idea Submission”). We strive to review each Idea Submission in a timely manner. When reviewing an Idea Submission, Qlik assesses Qlik Community interest, potential value for customers and partners, and the strategic fit within Qlik’s product portfolio.

Before submitting an idea, do a search. If there is an existing idea, add your support by “liking” it. If there is not an existing idea, click on the “Suggest an idea” button. Enter a title and then click the “Check Title” button (to do another search). If there are no similar ideas, click on the “Continue and post” button to submit your idea.

Please review these submission guidelines prior to submitting your idea, to ensure that your idea meets the requirements.

NOTE:  The Ideas board is not a place to post bugs or support issues. Contact Qlik Support (support.qlik.com) or post in appropriate Community boards if you have an issue with Qlik software. All bug and support issues reported in the Ideas board will be declined.



Qlik Customers, Partners, Luminaries and Employees may submit, vote and comment on Ideas. All other Qlik Community users can view Ideas. Please click here to register if you do not have a Qlik Account. A Qlik account is not required for viewing Ideas.


Submission Guidelines

The more we know about your idea, the more accurate we can be when reviewing your idea. Be sure to include what your idea is, who it is for, and the motivation behind the idea. Please include the following when posting your idea:

  • A brief description of the idea
  • The value proposition for the idea
  • The target audience (user role) for the idea
  • How does this idea help the user?
  • Additional context to help in the review process
  • Labels are required when submitting an idea. Be sure to add one, and only one, label to your idea.


Labels and Tags


Labels are required when submitting an idea. Be sure to add one, and only one, label to your idea. Here is a list of the current labels and their intended usage.



Qlik Sense Business

Use this label for ideas specifically related to Qlik’s SaaS solution, Qlik Sense Business.

Qlik Sense Mobile

Use this label for ideas specifically related to the Qlik Sense mobile applications.


Use this label for ideas related to the Qlik Sense Management Console.

Qlik Sense Enterprise

Use this label for ideas specifically related Qlik Sense Enterprise, including Qlik Sense Desktop. You should also use this label for Qlik Sense ideas that span all Qlik Sense deployments, such as visualizations, data preparation, and the user interface.

Qlik NPrinting

Use this label when submitting ideas for Qlik NPrinting.

Qlik Replicate

Use this label when submitting ideas for Qlik Replicate


Use this label when submitting ideas for QlikView, including the QlikView Management Console.


Use this label when submitting non-product related ideas, such as ideas about the help site, support portal or other documentation.

Do not use this label for other Qlik products. Product related posts using this label will be declined.



Tags are used to provide additional context and grouping for your ideas. You, and other Qlik Community users, can quickly filter ideas using tags. Tags are not required when submitting a post, but it is a good idea to add them. You can add multiple tags to your idea.


sorry, mistake.







We are implementing the translation of dashboard into different languages that we want ,for ex: German,Dutch,Sweden,English,French. We are able to translate all the labels on dashboard except a few like 1.Reference lines labels, 2.The field names that appear on the top ribbon when you select something on dashboard.

Translated image1Translated image1As you can see in the above image, i selected the french language and whole dashboard is in french ,except the top ribbon(selections) and the bottom right labels (reference lines labels).

So can you please add the functionality in our qlik sense to convert  these two labels into the required language we want. It would be very helpful as we have different customers who are from different parts of the world

If you want i can add one sample qvd file which shows how we are implementing these translations ,but i don't see any way of adding a file here .

you can reach out to me on 91 -9494338160