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Creator III
Creator III

What are installation recommendations when it comes to the Data folder location?


What are Attunity's recommendations when it comes to where to store the Data folder data?

Do you recommend setting this to a bigger drive? I.e. Not the C drive? Is a network drive recommended or simply a bigger local drive on the server?

Similarly, does Attunity recommend the Program Files for the software be stored on a drive other than the C drive?

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Our installation consists of several servers with a large number of tasks, mostly transactional.  We installed the software on a separate local drive and the data directory on a separate local drive.  Local versus network is a decision that should be made with your network support group.  There can be a number of .tswp files that can be created in the data folder, so keep that in mind for space planning.


Hi @mwallman  Based on the size of the environment and other needs, below notes from user guide in terms of selecting the data drive. 

i work for a customer who has more than 2 TB of D drive, as a Network drive,  mainly for the reason they ingest 5000 plus tables mostly via logstream and store all these files as well on the D drive. 

If this is your first time of Replicate install, i would strongly suggest to engage CSE/Qlik Consulting Services for a thorough PROD review.