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Creator III
Creator III

Can we use Qlik replicate to setup a MySQL replica server?

Instead of using MySQL native master-slave replica setup, can I use Qlik Replicate to replicate tables from source to target endpoint? Both endpoints are running MySQL 8.0

Any performance task settings guidlines or tips that I could follow?

Thank you.


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Hi @desmondchew 

Yes our current release of Replicate, version 2023.11, supports MySQL 8.0 as both source and target:

Supported source endpoints #Supported source endpoints | Qlik Replicate Help

To confirm if this version of MySQL is supported on the version you are running, change the version of Replicate at the top left of the screen that opens with this link.

We do not have "best practice" settings for working with MySQL endpoints as we do with Snowflake target, for example. If you are not satisfied with the performance, or want to ensure that it is as good as possible, we recommend engaging with our Professional Services team (fee based) for assistance. Please work with your account manager if you would like to pursue that.



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Thanks in advance!