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Disaster Recovery plan for Qlik replicate

Hello Qlik Experts,

We are planning to establish Disaster recovery setup for Qlik replicate on Windows VM server. Can anyone please share  documents/ articles that can help us understand on Disaster Recovery strategy better?

- Ravi


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Hi Experts,

Is there anyone who can help in this area?


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hey Ravi, have you established Disaster recovery setup for Qlik?

We also looking for same thing.

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Ravi,

We are also setting up Qlik Replicate on Windows VM in production. We already have a linux based setup.

For our linux setup we have configured a primary and a hot standby at the DR site. The hot standby has Replicate installed on it and the Replicate service is stopped. The data directory is shared between these two using NFS. We have configured a load balancer URL in QEM. In event of primary failure, we bring up the secondary, update the load balancer and are good to go.

We are facing challenge doing the same on Windows VM as we do not have the ability to mount a network storage to our Windows infrastructure using iSCSI. We have mounted the disk using NAS and Replicate does not identify this drive during install. We are trying to see if we can hack Replicate to store the data directory on a NAS drive on Windows.

If that does not work out, the option would be to setup data replication between the primary and secondary. However, that would mean that we might lose data in event of a failure.



Hello @Prabodh ,

Nice to see you here too 🙂  I believe we got this worked out with Srishti that you cannot do this on install (unless this is a new scenario).  You need to do the install to a local directory then change the data directory afterwards using the network path.  Let me know if you want to discuss more tomorrow.