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Creator II
Creator II

Replicating directly to a Persistent Stage area

I am working with a data warehouse that is using Qlik Replicate.  The architecture is as follows:

  • Qlik Replicate replicates source data to non-truncated stage tables into target database (stage rows are updated in place)
  • Data is ETL'd from stage into Data Vault (a middle database layer tracking all changes)
  • Data is ETL'd from Data Vault to a data mart dimensional schema

I would like to understand if the following is possible in Qlik Replicate: 

  • Qlik Replicate replicates source data to non-truncated stage tables (as above), BUT during replication it detects deltas  (changes to pre existing rows and also source table deletes.  Where there are deltas to existing rows, , it writes new historically versioned records (start date, expiration date), and marks deleted source rows as soft deletes.  This would then become a Persistent Stage Area, and eliminate the need for the Data Vault middle layer.
  • ETL data directly from Persistent Stage to dimensional schema

If this is possible, it could save hundreds /thousands of hours, eliminating the need for a data vault layer, and all that goes with it.  If it's not possible, we could still ETL incremental loads to a separate Persistent Stage area layer which would track all the historical changes.  But less than optimal as we would have essentially 2 copies staging data, unless we pruned off the non-persistent stage each month (which we could do).







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What you are describing are requirements for Data Warehouse automation functionality add-ons to Replicate. We do have that - Qlik Compose ! Replicate Targets become Compose sources. Compose will leverage the 'Change Tracking' selected feature in your Replicate task to show Deltas
- Dave Hecksel I ( I for insert / original record )
- David Hecksel U ( U for update marking it as an update / update of original record on source )

Take a look at this Demo for Compose automating the creation of a Data Warehouse and Data Mart for Analytics Ready data. • Qlik Compose Demo ( Agile Data Warehouse Automation: Do in Days and Weeks what takes Months and Years elsewhere ) 14 Minutes long

Compose understands Replicate generated. Because Replicate is delivering real-time data, you inherit a near real-time Data Warehouse. Compose with automate: Creation of the Data Model ( using Datavault style or ingestion of an ERWIN model ), auto generate a set of ELT from that model. Auto generate a 2nd set of real-time ELT SQL. From there you load / update the Warehouse. You have the Warehouse now ( and continuously updating itself say 'every 10 minutes' ). How about a Data Mart? Pick a Fact table in the Warehouse. Compose with auto generate a Data Model ( Star Schema ) and generate both batch and real-time ELT sets for one or more Marts.
Creator II
Creator II

Thanks, I think what you are saying is that Compose will use Change data capture (CDC) over stage,  and then move that data (inserts, updates, deletes) to a subsequent process to a persistent stage.  We do NOT want to use data vault for persistent stage, but simply a versioned copy of replicated stage, which will contain all history.  then Persistent stage will be the source for Kimball style dimensional data marts.