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Contributor II
Contributor II

Weekly reset of journal sequence number (architecture : replication db2 to snowflake)

Hello Qlik community,

I have some flows that replicate data from DB2 to Snowflake.

To do this, the process goes through jounals and libraries.


To sum up, I have two type of tasks : A reading task that reads data (changes) from DB2 (endpoint IBM DB2 for iSeries) and a writing task to replicate data in Snowflake. The process is working well.

My question : 

The team responsible for the journals wishes to implement a weekly reset of the journal sequence number.

So, has anyone encountered this change before ? Do you think it will impact the replication flows (if it can generate errors side effects etc...) ?

Our goal is to assess potential impacts before implementing this weekly reset.

Thank you

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Hello @vdurannot ,

Thanks for reaching out to Qlik Community!

Qlik Replicate calls the API TABLE(QSYS2.Display_Journal()) to get changes from DB400 Journal. From theory the journal sequence number reset (whatever when the system IPL, or vary on an independent disk pool) does not impact Replicate getting changes. However I'd like to suggest you conduct an acceptance test on lower environment to double-confirm.

BTW, please take note the Journal receivers must be System Managed.

Hope this helps.



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Hi @vdurannot  

I agree with @john_wang  I would suggest you try this in a Test environment first to prove what the behavior will be.

It may be needed to stop the tasks before you do the re-sequencing of the receiver files.  And then resume the task.

Please post here with your results. 


Many Thanks



Contributor II
Contributor II

Thank you @john_wang and @Barb_Fill21  for your answers.


No impact for the reset of jounal sequences.