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How long should you set your TimerDelay after each click action on a sheet?

Hello all,

I am learning about this tool and how to write tests.

How long should you set your TimerDelay after an action on a sheet?

For example, if there is  select action on a sheet that responds fast e.g. it takes less than 2 seconds to load everything on a sheet, what should the timer delay be?

Similarly, if you have a sheet that can take over 45 seconds to display something, or sometimes even over a minute, how long should you set the timerdelay for an action on that sheet?

I'm not sure how this works, currently I set it to between 15 and 30 seconds for the best and worst performing sheets but I am wondering whether this approach is correct.

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Re: How long should you set your TimerDelay after each click action on a sheet?

So the timerdelay action is activated after the previous action completes. Whether the sheet takes 1s, 10s, 100s to render, the timer delay will kick in after it's rendered.

In terms of picking a duration, the goal is to build in "think time". Since the purpose of the Scalability test is to emulate a theoretical user, it is unrealistic that users will render a sheet and (always) immediately make further selections, navigate, etc. The user will do some action, analyze the results, and make further selections or take further actions as they explore the app / analyze the underlying data.

10-15 seconds are common numbers, but ultimately it makes sense to make a judgment based on you exploring the app.