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Jmeter - GC Allocation Failure

Hi guys

While running a JMeter test, I noticed a number of errors in the "Print JDebug info" window.

"GC allocation Failure"

The scripts appear to be working fine. Is this error something I should worry about?


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Re: Jmeter - GC Allocation Failure

Hi ,

Did you find the solution of this problem, I am facing the same issue.


Re: Jmeter - GC Allocation Failure

I suggest using the suggested version of Jakarta Jmeter 2.4,  I've seen odd errors when I've used newer versions.  The prerequisites.pdf recommends 2.4:

Recommended versions of JMeter are 2.4 and later (Older versions can be downloaded from: http://archive.apache.org/dist/jakarta/jmeter/binaries/).