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QEMC & Server Setting For Best Performance

Hi all,

I have several questions according QEMC setting for best performance of my QVW. My current conditions is:

- Size of my QVW file: 1.6GB

- Table rows : 150 milions

- Average memory consumption every access the QVW from access point: 17-19 GB

- Working set : 70% (Low) and 90% (High)

- Server Specs: QuadCore 2.3GHZ (2 Processors), 24 GB of RAM

- QlikView Server Edition : 10 SR4 - 64Bit

- Windows Server 2008 Entreprise Edition SR2 - 64Bit

- Allowed Paging File Size : 40GB (Virtual Memory)

- Firewall setting : Turned Off

- Web Client Access with Ajax

- All Expression in my chart are simple expreesion, not complex (Ex: sum(Sales), Count(Qty)), so I think its not problem in my expressions.

Now the problem is when I access from access point, the performance is become slow and different with when I access from QV Desktop. My questions is:

1. What is the best working set setting with my current condition? Is default setting 70% (low) and 90% (high) is ok?

2. What else I need to tunning for the best performance in my server? I've tried to apply tips from this link : http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2362  Its just the same.

3. Why 'Hyper-threading' in Server must be disabled? Anyone can explain to me?

Thanks all.

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Re: QEMC & Server Setting For Best Performance


The hyperthreading kinds splits the L1 cache into 2, some people by turning it off have improved performance noticably.


Re: QEMC & Server Setting For Best Performance


Note that the working_set_min set to 70% in your case will cause qlikview to start emptying cache whenever it hits 16,8GB. If, as in your case, you use up to 19 GB on average then I'd recommend you raising the working set min to 85% instead which is just above 20 GB.

And yes the HyperThreading should be set to off, but.

Try changing the working set min and post the results.


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Re: QEMC & Server Setting For Best Performance

Thanks Hampus for your response,

Ok, I'll try to raising the working set. I'll get you back. Thanks.



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Re: QEMC & Server Setting For Best Performance

Hi Hampus,

I'd tried raise the working set to 85%, but there is not a significant affect to the performance. When the memory is up to 20 GB, the performance (loading time / calculation time) become slow again. Is there are any practise/way to optimize load my qvw on access point? Is I need to raise my RAM capacity?

- Heri


Re: QEMC & Server Setting For Best Performance

Hi Heri,

Yes that would be the effect once your application usage hits 20GB plus.

Adding more RAM might be the answer. Sure you'd keep your speed up to the new limit, but it seems that your application consumes quite a bit of RAM. For a 1,6GB application to grow to 20GB it's quite a big growth, a factor 12,5 which is somewhat high. I assume that the 1,6 GB size is measured shortly after a reload.

What's the amount of RAM shortly after reload and how fast does it hit 20 GB.

What do you have to do to reach that?

If I was you I'd take a look at how many objects/charts per sheet the application has.

Does it have any large pivot/straight tables that are always drawn.

It's recommended to use show/calculated conditions to limit the amount of CPU/RAM used with every qlik.