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Qlik view personal edition - error

I thought personal edition of Qlikview is free. I am new to Qlik and working hard to learn the BI discovery tool. Please help.

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Re: Qlik view personal edition - error

It is free but you can't share the documents created in the free version with other computers.

From the reference manual:

QlikView Personal Edition can only open files created using that particular copy of QlikView. This means, with QlikView Personal Edition you cannot use your QlikView documents on different com- puters, you cannot share your QlikView documents with another unregistered user, or open a Qlik- View document from another user (exempted are documents specially prepared for personal use by QlikTech). However, documents created in QlikView Personal Edition can be used with a licensed copy of QlikView desktop and they can also be published on a QlikView Server.

l You cannot import an entire document layout (sheets/objects/security settings, etc. in XML format, without the data) into QlikView Personal Edition.

Should you change computers, you will not be able to open your previously created documents with Qlik- View Personal Edition. In this case, you can choose to recover your files. Recovering files means a new user key is generated, assigned to the old document and used for all subsequent files, not only for that particular file. After recovering a file, you can no longer use it on the computer that you created it in.

QlikView will accept 4 user key changes in a document. After that, you will get the error message “Key length has reached its maximum” and the document will not open any more. The only possibility is to rec- reate it from scratch.

Therefore, you should not recover QlikView documents that you did not create (from a forum or from a col- league, etc.). Doing so will use one of your remaining recovery attempts.

Re: Qlik view personal edition - error


Go through the below post.