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Quick Tips #11 - Mem files and QV Optimizer

Taking Quick Tips #3 one step further and create a .mem-file. This file will contain the same type of information as seen in the Objects sheet in Settings->Sheet Objects but for the whole application.

Navigate the application and show all objects and then go to Settings->Document Properties and chose the General tab. Click on the Memory Statistics button. This will save a .mem-file containing fields that can be used for analysis of the different objects in your application. There's an application called "QlikOptimizer" that can be used to analyze mem-files.

It's easy to build this application, if you can't find the qvw mentioned above, and creat your own visualization with drilldowns of objects and their use of CPU and RAM.

The values are not exact values but they will give you a good indication to where the application is spending resources.

Cheers from the Scalability Team.