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Quick Tips #3 - Sheet properties

The Sheet Properties-dialog is not only a great place to get an overview of the objects and their properties but also their need for resources.

Go to the menu and chose Settings->Sheet Properties and select the Objects sheet. Here you get an overview of the objects on the current sheet.

The two columns to keep an eye on are CalcTime and Memory. The values are not absolute and they will change depending if the current selections are cached or not. Use the value to identify the objects that consume the most resources.

Sort to see the highest values for CalcTime or Memory by clicking on the column header and focus on the first couple of objects. Sometimes it's the expressions that might need some attention and sometime it's an indication that the object type used isn't the optimal way of presenting the numbers and dimensions.

What's the purpose of an object? Even if you could have one object to visualize everything, it doesn't always turn out to be the best way.

This is also a great place to get a quick overview of the alignment and sizes of the objects but that is more on the aesthetics side of things.

Cheers from the Scalability Team.