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Calculating % change from baseline in line chart

StudentProgram DayWeight
Bob A1205
Bob A10200
Bob A15198
John A1225
John A20220


Given the above table, I want to generate a line chart that displays, for each Student by Program Day, the % change in the Student's weight from their first recorded Weight value; ie (current weight - first weight) / first weight.  Note that I say first Weight instead of weight on Day 1 because the first weight doesn't have to coincide with Day 1 but it will always be recorded on the lowest Program Day value for that student. 

How do I reference the first weight value in my % change expression? 

Thanks, Steve

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Calculating % change from baseline in line chart

Maybe you could use something like this:

num(firstsortedvalue(Weight, -[Program Day]) / firstsortedvalue(Weight, [Program Day]) - 1, '0.0%')
   or maybe
num(firstsortedvalue(Weight, -[Program Day]) / only(Weight) - 1, '0.0%')

- Marcus