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Dynamic Filter for Comparibility

Hello Qlik Community,

I need help to create a dynamic filter.

I have a classic Market Analysis Dashboard and I want to be able to analyze sales over time. However, a comparison over time might be flawed, because a Brand might drop in and out over time. Instead of a User Manually deselecting the Brands that are not consistently reported in the selected time period, I want to enable a filter that the user can select.

So I am able to create a measure that creates the desired output:

if(Count(Aggr(Sum(UNITS_SOLD),Brand,[Date.autoCalendar.Year])) = Count(Distinct Total [Date.autoCalendar.Year]),'Comparable','Not Comparable')


However, I have no clue how to transform this into a calculated dimension, since AGGR does not work in a calculated dimension.  I believe adding this into to load script will also not be of use, since I want the dimension to be calculated dynamically based on the selected years.

I would highly appreciate your help.

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