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How can I adjust/specify the row height as well as the color schema of the heatmap?

Hi, need some advice here.

1. I was trying to use the Heatmap chart under the Qlik Visualization Bundle. From the intro videos about the heatmap, I see each cell can be very small and the whole heatmap can be viewed without scrolling. However, when I created the heatmap using what comes with the April 2019 version of Qlik Sense, each cell is very big. While I can adjust the width of the cell, I can't find where in the chart properties I can specify to adjust the row height. The only options under the Design property is the X and Y label size.  See attached.

2. The default color schema is not suitable for my heatmap. I require the colors to be going from Red (unacceptable value) to yellow (acceptable but below target) to green (100% meet target) kind of schema. How can I specify that for my heatmap? I believe this is the typical color schema for most organizations when it comes to measures or for comparing purposes.

I'm using QlikSense (Apr 2019) installed in local server.

Hope to learn from the gurus here.


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