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Performance issue while looking up data by primary key

I have a very simple Qlik model consisting of one table. This table has around 50 fields. The primary key field is a productId field which is a number. There are 50Million records in the table.

In a sheet, we have a regular straight table which has the productId field as one of the columns.

The user wants to look up using the productId field. We allow the user to enter a list of product ids (space separated) using an input box mapped to a variable vProductKey.

We then define a variable vProdString as follows:

If(Len(Trim(vProductKey)) > 0, 
replace((vProductKey), ' ', '","'),

And then we use vProdString in the SetAnalysis as follows:

Only({<[Product Id] = {"$(=$(vProdString))"}>}[Key Type])

The performance is pretty bad even when using 20 search values in the input box. Is it because we are searching on the primary Key field? 

We are using Feb2018 patch3


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