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2 Intervals - 1 Dimension

Helly everybody,

i'm having the following scenario:

3 tables, table1 with person details,

table2 with an interval which contains from and to dates (e.g. contract from till),

and a third table, also which contains from and to dates (e.g. absence from till),

all referring to a persons id.

Lets say, i would like to select a date range, e.g. year,

showing only the people that were emploeyed in the selected year, and those,

having an absence in the selected year, but not showing all the absences of

person1, although he was employed in the selected year.

I've tried matching the intervals with a date and a key (personID) and mapping

the date to a mastercalender, but for now, couldn't solve the problem.

Any suggestions?

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