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Access Measures Behind Demo Apps


Is it possible to access the expressions/measures used behind the demo apps? It would be so much easier to self educate and replicate instead of asking numerous questions constantly.

I just signed up couple of days to the Qlik Sense Cloud account and I've uploaded my data already and enjoying the features so far but I'm lost in regards to the Expressions/Measurements syntax. It will take some time to learn which I don't have. I have a few Excel dashboards (using PowerPivot) which I would like to gradually transfer over to Qlik Sense for numerous reasons such as ease of deployment and sharing, security, speed, etc.

Appreciate any assistance.


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Re: Access Measures Behind Demo Apps

Are you referring to demo Apps in Qliksense Desktop.

If yes, then you can open this via Qliksense Desktop and view the required functionality.



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