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Accessing documents

Hi all,

In my Qlik Sense application, I am listing (using a table) a list of documents. I want that my user can access those documents by clicking a url link displayed in the table (A link by document).


My problem is the following : my documents need to be in a secured zone (https, user /login) but my client does not want to enter credentials to access the document.

My idea was to store those documents in a content library, and to use a relative links to access them (like ../content/myLib/document.pdf).

But unfortunately when I try to create those kind of links the browser is opening something like :"'https://..content ..." so it does not work.

(using Vizlib Table, it was working, but they changed something in their code and now it is not working anymore)

I'm looking for every ideas, perhaps it is not a good idea to store my documents in a content library, perhaps I can use the embedded Qlik sense web server in another way.

Thanks for your help.

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Update : Using a html link (instead of an url one) I'm able to use relative path and to access my documents stored in the Content Library.

Now I have another issue. I'm actually storing 400 documents in my Content Library. When I try to add another one, using the QMC, the server proc jump to 100% and the process takes something like 10 min (to upload 10 documents).

Is there a known issue using the Content Library as I do ? A known limitation ? (Qlik sense Server June 2018)

Do you have a better idea ?

Thanks for your help.